I want that dark skin girl to see herself in me and be proud of her African roots.

Instagram: i.am.win.dela
Portfolio: www.win-dela.com
New York, New York


Tell us about yourself
I am from Senegalese parents. I love to dance, and love to make people laugh. I'm coming into a new decade in life and can't wait to see what it has to offer.

What inspired you to become a model?
My mother, she did some modeling back in her day.

What challenges have you faced so far in your modeling career?
Being that I am a 23in waist and 40in hips, sometimes the clothes just don't fit. Limited work for black girls, so unless you have a big brand behind you, you won't get that much work.

What changes do you want to make in the modeling industry?
We need more work for black models. It's not okay for designers to hire just one black model and think that's good enough.

How do you cope under the pressures of being a model?

What influence do you want to have on individuals who will look up to you as a role model?
I want that dark skin girl to see herself in me and be proud of her African roots.

What kind of model do you inspire to be? Do you hope to one day walk the runway, be mostly editorial, fashion model, commercial?
I would love to do it all honestly. I think representation matters, so I can't limit myself to one part of the industry.

What agency or agencies do you aspire to work with?
Red Models Management

What fashion talents, brands would you like to collaborate with?
I would love to work with the top brands such as Macy's, Gap, Make Up Forever, NARS and Fenty Beauty.

What magazines do you aspire to be published in?
Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Cosmo (the list goes on...)

How did you feel when you did your first ever fashion show or photo shoot?
I was so nervous on the inside at my first show, but I didn't allow it to stop me from doing my best.

Do you have a certain “creative” style as a model?
I'm very versatile; you can slap a wig on me and get a whole new model. I believe my look caters to every brand. I can go from high fashion to urban wear.

Do you have a favorite photo-shoot or event you’ve been a part of?
My most recent shoot that I did with @justhephotog, inspired by the movie Belly, would have to be my favorite photo of myself. Best experience was when I worked with Duro Olowu, a Nigerian designer based in London.

Shot by Justin @justhephotog

Do you have a favorite model or someone you look up to?
Ajuma Nasenyana

What would you say to someone who may have a negative view of modeling?
People will always have something to say. What matters the most is the positive things that we're doing.

Is modeling your sole profession or do you juggle another career on the side?
Right now, I'm in the aviation industry.

Outside of modeling, what are other life goals you have?
To be a humanitarian.

What are some of your guilty pleasures?
Rice, Rice, Rice…oh how I love Rice!

Do you have any beauty tips? Beauty routines you practice?
I do a mask once a week with turmeric, honey, lime, and yogurt. Drink lots of water and stay away from negative energy.

If a young girl/boy wanted to be a model what would your advice for them be?
Things will get hard, nothing great comes easy but continue to push forward and believe in yourself. You are in control of your destiny, let it be great.